A Simple and Effective PHP profiler: xhprof

Balanced Braces

Recently, the team that I’m involved with has started to look into incorporating some level of profiling into our workflow. To that end we looked a variety of tools including xdebug, Pear’s profiling package, xhprof, and ADP. We ended up settling on xhprof. This tool was conceived by Facebook for their own needs and eventually open sourced (lucky us!).


Setup and install is fairly simple. I highly recommend Lorenzo Alberton’s blog on the subject. The great thing about xhprof, and the reason we chose it over the others is that it’s lightweight, fast, and very detailed. The gui that it comes with definitely won’t win any design awards anytime soon. However, the information is all there and everything simply works.

Initially, the engineers on our team will begin to incorporate xhprof into their daily workflow to get baseline measurements which we then compare against measurements taken…

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