Drupal – Why Drupal is best compared to wordpress and Joomla

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Building a website can be as easy as a click on the mouse. However, having a reputable website based on content, display, good security, good internet visibility and flexibility of website functionalities can be very traumatizing and costly! A good website results from several factors among them is the choice of Content Management System (CMS) used. A good CMS should allow easy management of website content; allow web-based publishing, easy indexing, revision control, flexible search results and retrieval. Before settling on a CMS to use, your goals, technical expertise, what you want your website to display are among factors to consider.

There are several CMS platforms to use but the main ones are Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. All three CMS are open-source software used and maintained by a community of many. These CMS are free for download and usage but their usage depends on the factors mentioned above.


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