How much resource need in the server(lamp)

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We need to select server spec depends on the content we deliver .In most of the cases, if we don’t try we won’t understand.
Still some use cases help us ,from where we can start.

Use case 1:(Magento)
Tip #1 don’t use a VPS.

Get a proper Magento tiered host and take advantage of a shared set up that is configured properly, we don’t even recommend dedicated to our customers as we know our shared platform is substantially better for performance.

BUT – if you insist …

At 1,300 visits per day, during an 8 hour peak trading window, based on a normal sine traffic graph, we could probably say a loose maximum of 300 visits per hour. With 10 pages per visit and 8 mins total visit …

That’s a theoretical maximum of 20 people at any given time.

Then at 30MB per concurrent connection with a…

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