PHP Language: Foundation of Open Source Frameworks

Sean PHP Remote Works

Introduced as “Personal Home Page”, and later renamed as “Hypertext Preprocessor,” PHP is one amongst the foremost extensively used, and common programming languages. Today, an outsized range of little and medium-size enterprises, also as massive corporates utilize this server-side scripting language for dynamic internet development purpose. As per recent analysis, PHP is supporting quite twenty million websites, and 1,000,000 internet servers, that clearly shows the large repute gained by the language.

Unique mercantilism Points of PHP

Created a initio for managing “Personal Home Page”, these days PHP is stone of a good vary of open supply frameworks. No doubt, there are varied US Postal Service behind the overwhelming success and recognition of the language. one amongst of} the most good thing about the ASCII text file language is that it may be put in on a good vary of internet servers and additionally on every OS and framework with none…

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