To create Child template in wordpress

PHP Tutorial

Go to the following URL **\wp-content\themes\your-theme then create a files with you template name
childtemplate.php. I create with the name childtemplate.php

Then copy and paste the below code

* Template Name: Child Template
* Description: A Page Template that showcases Sticky Posts, Asides, and Blog Posts
* The showcase template in Twenty Eleven consists of a featured posts section using sticky posts,
* another recent posts area (with the latest post shown in full and the rest as a list)
* and a left sidebar holding aside posts.
* We are creating two queries to fetch the proper posts and a custom widget for the sidebar.
* @package WordPress
* @subpackage your_theme
* @since your_theme 1.0

Welcome to child Template file

We adding the this page, If you choice this child template , I will be take has background…

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