Magento Extension Link

Magento Create backend Module

Magento Direct query

1> Forward from Simple Product to According Configurable Product – Magento Extension

Changes on database while upload on server—update sql before uload

Magento helping link—-help—Module—-how to fetch date from tbl

magento_tips_tricks_and_hacks/magento-tips-tricks-and-hacks-6-howto-add-a-cms-static-block-to-a-page– create block

How to get path in magento :

Registration Form:

Link :


Vertical Navigation with CSS Classes http://

Featured Products

Link =


Key =

Special Products (Not Working….)

Link :


Key =

Link (Run) :

Change Possition Left TO Right ANd Right to Left

Change XML Path


How To Make Form In Magento

Link :

Enable Disable left & Right Box

Put Footer Link Direct

Link :

Email Adapter :


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