Phonegap, JQM and Android Slow Performance

I’ve noticed this sometimes, but usually due to things that I’m doing wrong (i.e; not optimizing my code). Without any concrete code from your end, I would recommend the following tips.

  1. Keep your “screens” simple. You’re on a Mobile device so try to minimize the amount of elements you have on a single screen.
  2. Have you tried just running your “site/app” in the Phone’s browser? I know this is simplistic, but it’s essentially how PhoneGap works anyways. See if you get the same issues.
  3. What operations are you doing on the screen’s startup? Again, keeping elements and effects to a minimum will help speed things up.

I wish I could be of more help, and don’t take offense to this because it’s not directed at you, but PhoneGap and using Web Techs is not an excuse for poor coding and optimization. I’ve built and used apps that were coded Natively and they still had performance issues.

So yeah, to concretely answer your question, I have experienced it, but it’s not a PhoneGap thing (entirely anyways IMHO).


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