Phonegap low performance issue

A few optimization tips I have found to be helpful on slow devices:

  • Try changing the default page transition. Many Android devices do not support hardware accelerated features of the handset in the browser, which means that the CSS3 transitions that JQueryMobile tries to use by default are very slow. You can use:
    $.mobile.defaultPageTransition = 'none';

    to turn off all of the default transitions.

  • As far as script load time, there is not much you can do besides perhaps examining the individual load times for your dependencies and figuring out alternatives – but you can ensure that your app doesn’t look wonky while it loads. Here’s a quick hack I use:
    <style type="text/css"> .doc {display: none;} /* don't show body by default */ </style><body id="main_body">

    Once everything loads, I call


    to show the application. I use a Javascript preloader (LABjs) in order to ensure all of my dependencies get loaded in order.


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